Why is Squid game so popular?

Squid game is Netflix’s latest show that is trending & is so popular across the entire globe. It might top Bridgerton & rank first on Netflix!

Despite the fact that this Korean show has a disturbing concept and involves blood shed, people are still drawn to it & made this show a part of their daily conversation just like Money Heist.

If you have seen Bollywood movie Luck & Hunger Games then you’re more likely to binge-watch this show. A mysterious game recruits 456 people to risk their lives for a 45.6 billion prize (or $38.7 million in U.S. dollars). 

Now people are asking that shows & movies like this have existed before & watched by people so what makes Squid Game stand out? The answer to that is pretty simple: it’s the striking visuals and strong performances which has conquered the hearts & minds of people in every country & city.

In total there are 456 players and each one of them is financially unstable. They’re given numbers and are recognized by them only. Whoever wins would get the amount $38.6 million. The operation is run by The Front Man, who is masked along with other staff. Those who lose are gunned gown and just like that nearly half of them are butchered. After they vote to end the game, Gi-hun goes to the police. Only Detective Hwang Jun-ho believes the story, because his missing brother also received the same card.

Squid game is a dark social satire in which people who are impoverished try to compete in children’s games with deadly stakes for the chance to win a life-changing cash prize. The players sign a contract after which the game begins. The Red Light Green Light when starts is when the show gets real, when the players move in a way they aren’t supposed to, they are killed by sniper rifle. That is when players get attracted to the show.

The players are given an opportunity to leave the game however the amount 45.6 billion amount is too huge and everybody needs it to get out of the horrors of their life.

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