Why we do love our Cellphones so much

Why we do love our Cellphones so much

if we compare today’s world people to an eternity of old people, so we can clearly see that old people were more family and loving nature people with more physical interaction. but now things are changed a Lil bit. now we have cellphones in our hands which is I believe the cause or reason that every other person is busy every time.
if someone want to talk to a person openly, he will not go in front of him, either he will use a cellphone or another way to talk to him because our mind is now made like that if you talk to someone in person he will more likely to get offended easily as he will be more open to talking to you if you are talking to him virtually on a cellphone.

cellphones are very much our lifestyle now. we can do anything on the phone. even if we want food only some clicks will do the work for us, or if we want money in our pocket phone will also do that for you, not only this phone has much more benefits than that which is the only reason love our cellphone more than anything.
now people love to watch movies and spend time with their loved ones only but due to today’s world pandemic we can’t go to cinemas but we have cellphones in our hands we can just quickly download a movie on that and watch it on our big tv screen also spending some quality time with our family.
after that the big thing today is work. how to make money. you cannot go out because of this covid and how can you make money at home. so the answer is your phone. that phone will even educate you and then make money for you if used in a good way.

so if a person can make money and spend time with their loved ones in this situation so why not a person will love their handset.

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