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Why you need to take a break from your fitness tracker

Fitness tracker have an important part of the workout, it helps you track your data and help you improve. It is agreed that a fitness tracker can make a positive effort of your workout to activity.

So what is the idea behind using a fitness tracker? Well for starters, everyone wants to reach that 10,000 step mark. Despite knowing that 10,000 steps and other physical activity and diet will help you achieve your goal, without knowing the fact that there are going to be some days where or even weeks where you would not be able to meet the general target.

So for how long are you going to work out? and at what cost? Here is the thing counting steps is only going to make you more compulsive. Revolving your life around calories and steps is going to make your workout less enjoyable.

you will become less intuitive and about your physical activity and eating. even if you are tired, or you and your body need rest, you would still go out of the way and against your body’s need just to finish that workout or run certain miles, without realizing that it will only make you tired drained out. So what is the point of using a fitness tracker that puts you down?

Form, effort and intensity all play an important role in wor out effectiveness and injury prevention.

don’t get me wrong fitness trackers are great and really helpful. But we need to remember that 10,000 is just an arbitrary number. Not everyone has the same goals. our lifestyles are different are needs are different, therefore our are goals different as well.



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