Yasir Hussain wants us to be polite to our flight attendants!

This is a very serious issue. We all must have encountered people misbehaving with the flight attendants at-least once in our lifetime!

Actor Yasir Hussain has said that people should really learn some basic ethics & respect. Know how to behave with the one’s who serve you on board. When the actor was travelling he couldn’t help but notice something problematic on his flight. “Today during my flight I noticed that the passengers, and especially male passengers, think that flight attendants who serve us food and pick up our dirty dishes are their servants,” he wrote on Instagram.

While this has become a norm none of us, absolutely no one has ever come forward to talk about it. We are happy to see that Yasir Hussain has taken a stand & took it up on his social media platform.

“This is not the case at all. Learn to talk with politeness. For the love of God, please learn to respect different professions.” Well, he is right. People have lost basic ethics & manner. They don’t consider flight attendants human. Infant, we noticed a viral video from Okra restaurant as well! We saw how that lady behaved with the servant.

It’s extremely sad how people serving in tourism & hospitality sector often have to go through this. Lets take Hussain’s message seriously and learn from it. It’s time we dropped the attitude and learned to be polite to flight attendants & other people, who are only there to facilitate us. 

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