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A young Muslim boy reportedly set on fire by Hindu extremists.

On Friday a young boy was reportedly set on fire by group of vigilantes. According to sources the boy was forced to chant slogan of “jai shri ram”. The boy is going under treatment at a local hospital in UP district.

The boy stated that he was groped by unidentified men who tied him and set him on fire, when he refused to chant religious slogans.

However the police authorities denied the charges stating that the boy statement is false. The police officer said that we checked the cctv cameras in the area notified by the boy where the incident happened, but couldn’t find anything.

Police also stated that the boy gave different statements which is making the case difficult investigate.

These lynching issues have been getting worst in India. Recently a man was badly beaten by cow vigilantes. Other issues have also emerged in India where Hindu extremist have been harassing and beating Muslims and spreading hate among them.

Supreme Court of India has sought response from local governments to address this issue seriously. The Supreme Court bench entertained a petition filed by an NGO to take notice of the incident’s happening in the country.


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