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Young Yemenis doctor winning hearts on the streets.

In a war-ravaged country which is now facing corona-virus, a Yemen doctor is definitely a sigh of relief for thousands of people.

As Dr. Sami Alhajj acknowledges the anxiety people face due the current situation in the medical facilities and hospitals. Therefore, he has now started giving free medical advice to everyone who stops him on the street.

Due to pandemic, the hospitals are lacking the necessary supplies and PPE’s. However, on the other side Dr. Sami Alhajj is very proposed and wants to treat his patients in any way possible.

Dr. Sami Alhajj has surely started to win people hearts on the street.

According to the United Nations, reporting and testing remain limited, and most areas in the countries have been affected.

he wishes more Yemeni doctors will do the same in the current situations we are in.

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