Zaid Ali criticizes Sham Idrees and his content

Youtube world has grown a lot in Pakistan in the last few years. People have made careers through it and have a huge fan base especially among youth. Unless you live under a rock you probably are familiar with how close Zaid Ali, Sham Idrees and Shahveer Jaffry have been in the past.

Recently things have taken an ugly turn, Zaid Ali has voiced his discontent with the latest prank video uploaded by fellow YouTube content creator Sham Idrees with his wife Queenfroggy.

After making a whole series on how Sham and Froggy were breaking up and then getting back together, then rejecting the engagement and then finally getting married, Sham Idrees and wife Sehar aka Froggy are now making content based on their family planning and Zaid Ali was not sorry about calling such content out. Here is what the comedian tweeted:

“I am fed up of this. How long is this going to go on for? Is this the type of content we have came down to? We have such talented content creators in Pakistan. yet this is the type of content which is trending. I have no words,” wrote Zaid Ali in his twitter post.


And here is the video:

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