Pakistan has ‘World’s Most Effective Nuclear System’!

According to the international reports, it states that Pakistan has successful established world’s most effective nuclear system. The Pakistan Foreign Office has also said that as a responsible nuclear power, Islamabad has established the most effective nuclear security system in the world and has also made its state institutions capable of organising international training programs for the national security.

Yet Pakistan gets crowned with another milestone in the international forum.

As it is clear now that Pakistan stance now is more firm as ever before in history. Pakistan sets a statement to the world by sending peace message and showcasing itself as a true peace loving country. As an example with the recent war situation going on between Pakistan and India. Pakistan has shown its true gesture to the world and has also clearly conveyed the message to the world that:

Pakistan is a peace loving country, but never take its love for peace for granted. If any country will attack they will get a much stronger response.

As few weeks back the COAS stated that:

Pakistan will not think, Pakistan will retaliate.

Initially, there were speculations that Pakistan’s nuclear bombs might fall in the wrong hands which could endanger the regional security.