Sania Mirza comes to Hassan Ali’s rescue

Pakistani cricketer Hassan Ali was being mocked by some Twitter users for his ideas about pizza, the italian delight, when Bhabis came to his rescue and if you are a pizza lover, keep reading.

As sports anchor Zainab Abbas had Shadab Khan and Hassan Ali playing the ‘How Well Do You Know Each Other’ game as a part of World Cup promotions, Hassan Ali said that pizza is not junk food, inviting a lot of criticism on social media.

During the game, Hassan Ali upon learning that Shadab’s favourite “junk food: is pizza said, “Pizza is not junk food it’s good for recovery.”

As people started trolling him on social media, Bhabis Sania Mirza and Ebba Qureshi came to his rescue and taught netizens about the hidden quality of pizza.

“He is actually right ! It’s very good recovery specially after long and hard matches .. not the full cheesy one but the gourmet ones are definitely very good .. the carbs are necessary and needed for recovery,” Sania Mirza, wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, wrote while replying to a troll.

Former Pakistan cricketer Azhar Mahmood’s wife Ebba Qureshi too supported him and said that pizzas are actually good for recovery “because of the carbs”, especially after a game.

Other people had similar ideas.