We don’t fit in well, we are just ourselves…

From past week I have been drooling over the song dropped by Ed Sheeran last week. The music has such a positive vibe to it that one can’t help but sing along.  But more importantly, it gives out a strong message to all the people in the world to embrace themselves. This song features another artist, Khalid. He adds more charm to the song. The title that I picked is from the song, which perfectly relates to a message which has been shown in the video as well.

The song highlights the issues we face around our social life related to skin color, body shaming, and other imperfections. Shout out to ED who has done an amazing job to give courage to all the people who are feeling left out, people who are missing the spark in life and are somehow disappointed with the way they are.  I think we should never doubt our abilities, just because someone is skinny, fat, dark or just different.

In schools and colleges, bullying is common, unfortunately, our people are judged by the looks. We should embrace ourselves and accept our flaws.

The song also highlights how we have indulged ourselves over materialistic gains, ignoring the small pleasure of life. The lifestyle we carry, all the glamour and the money will not sustain forever and trying to be something that you are not is like living someone else life.

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