Dua Zehra Case saga continues

Dua Zehra, case is a daily discussion is every house hold these days. Parents of young girls have become so insecure since Dua left her house and was found to be married latter on. While her parents claimed her to be 14 she says she is 18 and can marry with her own will legally.

When Dua was claimed to be missing by her parents, many people prayed for the young girl. Her parents strove to reach out to their daughter after her marriage, finally after a lot of efforts, Sindh High court summoned Dua Zehra and his parents to the court on 20th May. Dua denied to meet her parents and said that her in-laws are very good and she is happy and if anything happens to her, her parents would be responsible for it. She was sitting along with her husband. Dua also claims that she left a detailed letter for her parents in which she mentioned everything.

Dua’s parents are still fighting to get back their daughter and believe that she was tricked into all this and there is some hidden truth behind all this. Let’s see how how the tables turn and who wins the case. I do feel sorry for the parents though.

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