From glowing skin to pink lips, Jodie Comer is the icon of it all.

Jodie Comer has always been a step ahead in the beauty game. She has always held a fresh-faced look and her makeup artist’s also do a great job on her face.

She recently had her premiere of the film on Monday night, where her makeup artist Alex Babsky applied on her a hot pink color, sculpted her cheekbones, brushed up her brows and gave her a winged eyeliner. Everyone was curious as to what lip color was it, the truth is her makeup artist mixed up a number of different pink lip shades to achieve the look. It was a huge mess before the final desired color was achieved. She had tousled waves and wore gold hoop earrings which made her look extremely chic and sensational.

There were other looks as well. She was even given a peachy brown eyeshadow with rose pink lips, deep bronzer and lots of mascara. There was a palette of colors used to achieve a look which could beautifully compliment Comer’s complexion. Comer goes to her facialist Jasmina Vico and gets facials which makes her face healthy and glow-y.

A number of different hair looks were also created on her, one look was where he pulled her hair back into a messy low bun and then on another she had gentle waves. Her nails were kept in a beautiful nude hue which complimented the entire look.


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