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Hackers target WhatsApp around the world!

According to latest reports being received from the UAE, hackers are targeting the text messaging, social app WhatsApp.  As per a notification released by the Telecommunication Authority UAE, “Scammers have hacked many accounts globally and their main intention is to gain control over WhatsApp accounts. What the scammer does is that he or she sends you a code on WhatsApp and tells the user to reply by clicking a link to verify the phone number”.

On installing WhatsApp for the first time, a verification code as text and call is sent to see if the number is registered and online. The process is automatic. However, scammers are using a code and a links to hack WhatsApp accounts around the world.

“If you click the link, you are confirming that it is you on behalf of the scammer. By that way, the user can lose control of the WhatsApp messages and the scammer can read and send messages on your behalf,” stated the notification.

Since a number of similar hacking incidents have occurred in Pakistan, with Karachi as the main target, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, PTA, has urged citizens to enable two set verification for their WhatsApp accounts to ensure they’re safe to use.

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