Here is what happens if you eat almonds daily!

Increase Your Metabolism

Twenty almonds also contain small amounts of the metabolism-boosting B-complex vitamins thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate. The exact mechanism is not known, but research indicates that regular consumption of almonds provides up to a 15% boost in your metabolism rate. That leads to increased fat burning and a trimmer waist, something we all want.

Achieve Your RDA for Riboflavin and Vitamin E

Riboflavin is a critical nutrient that is thought to help prevent all kinds of physical troubles, including migraines, acne, muscle cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical cancer, and some blood disorders.

Keep Your Bones Strong

Snacking on 20 almonds a day can help maintain strong bones. Doing so provides about 20% of your daily requirement of magnesium and phosphorus. These nutrients work together to increase bone density.

Improve Heart Health

Eating 20 almonds a day may help keep your heart healthy.

Lower Cholesterol

Improved heart health and lower cholesterol go hand-in-hand, but you can boost the cholesterol-lowering effects of eating almonds by leaving the skins on.

Have Greater Energy

Almonds are great for delivering sustained energy because they contain an optimal balance of carbs, protein, and fat. They also offer magnesium, a nutrient that helps your body produce energy by metabolizing fat and carbohydrates.

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