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Here is why Karachi needs a major infrastructure revamp!

Being the biggest metropolitan city, Karachi is not able to provide its citizen with adequate infrastructure. Recent rains in Karachi have resulted in huge loss of not only infrastructure but have cost us with human lives.

With a population of 14.91 million, Karachi is deprived from major resources.  Be it health services, education or other public services. In recent events, K Electric is held responsible for the death of several people caused due to electrocution. According to reports, the electricity cables which were recently changed were of cheap of quality. The cables which were of cheap quality were imported from china. These cables were made of silver, whereas the suitable cable is made of copper.

Roads are made out of cheap materials, which fail to survive Karachi rains. No crisis management team is formed to take counter measures to help the one in need.

Recently I came across a video of a social worker, who is in the lime light these days because he is vocal about the issues which are present the biggest city of Pakistan. The social worker highlighted worst possible situation during the rains in Karachi, from funeral services to people being electrocuted due to the poor quality cables. In the recent rains, up to 27 people have died, now who is to blame for this loss? Unfortunately, the dilemma is that we have to do our bit in making this city a better place.

KMC (Karachi Municipal Corporation) has consistently put the blame on the provincial government for not providing with sufficient funds. According to mayor Karachi, the city is the economical hub of the country and the funds are provide like peanuts.

Karachi city should be provided with modernize infrastructure to cater the 14.91 million people living here. Its high time that the federal government should take notice of such issues which are prevailing in our city.

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