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New Zealand P.M set a new example for world leaders

Nation is Represented by its leader and people look up to them in challenging situation. Today where nations have leaders like Donald trump, Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu and Aung San Suu Kyi, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has set a new example by her actions and clear motives.

In recent situations, she presented herself in a ways that world is raving about her. She has become national healer, peace and unity symbol for everyone. As people across the globe were waiting for a response, she became the first person to publicly address the incident as a terrorist attack, where others hesitate and neglect to recognize the situation.

Her acknowledgement and awareness about this sensitive incident by calling Muslims as part of community giving them right recognition.

Her actions spoke louder than her words and become the reason of connection, love and admiration among thousands of Muslims of New Zealand and Muslims around the globe.

Standing with them in hours of sorrow ,wearing a headscarf, quoting Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and opening her remarks with Islamic greetings showed her genuine love and care for the people of her nation.

By Announcing a clampdown on the country’s lax gun laws and cutting out racism both from New Zealand and globally. She knew people would have concerns, she knew that the grieving community wanted their loved ones back, had religious concerns about the funerals. They wanted to feel safe.
She also took steps to protect their personal vulnerability. She came close to her people, reached them out and hugged them hold arm of mosque members as they cried, whispering words of condolence. She made herself approachable and allowed everyone to see and feel her tenderness. She did not offer, “You are in my thoughts and prayers” as leaders often do. She showed true example of being a leader and what it takes to be one.

Having warmth and clarity about her remarks when asked about comments by an Australian senator who sought to blame Muslims for the attack, Ardern called him simply “a disgrace”. Rejecting to say the terrorist’s name, instead commending people to speak the names of victims.

“You will never hear me mention his name.”

The world leaders may have known her as the second female leader to have a baby while in office; she came out of shadows as wonder woman. Us newspaper stated her as “Grace. Dignity. Courage … Real leaders do exist.”

Jacinda Ardern showed leadership path through dark woods: connection; compassion; clarification; and conviction. She displayed how to held world together through humanity, sincere empathy, kind consideration, and fierce resolve. And most importantly how to be a World Leader .

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