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Powerbeats Pro Vs. Galaxy Buds choice is yours

The world is dominated by tech world and if you are still using wired headphones, you are late to the party.

To be honest,  I, personally, haven’t purchased a pair of wireless earphones yet, but I’m currently scanning the market for a pair that’s best for me. And here are the top two from my list: Power beat pro and Galaxy Buds.

Both earphone options are brand new and completely wireless, but they’re both different in their own unique ways. Both earphone options aren’t identical. They do have similarities, but they’re pretty different in the scheme of things.

Both comes with hefty price, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds selling for 21,000 (PKR), where as Power beats Pro 35,500 (PKR) that is a huge amount to pay for wireless headphones.

Yes, that’s a big difference, but before you decide on the cheapest option, you should know more about each earphones features and perks.

Power beats Pro earphones have an adjustable ear hook that you can use for secure listening. Galaxy Buds look like they’d fit into your ear perfectly, but there are no hooks involved. Both are water resistant. They both have variety of colour options.

But the major difference between both the products is about charging. Yes , Charging, Samsung’s ear buds comes with wireless charging capability while Power Beats buds do not.

Galaxy Buds will get you seven hours of fuel with case, while the Power beats Pro case will get you nine. Each option comes with desirable features and its up to you which one you like the most.

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