Say no to medicines when you can treat yourself on your own

Ever heard that someone who was not well got well, got well through personal expectations? By believing so much in the treatment?

Even though someone may have just been given sugar pills or sterile water as the treatment.

Well, that’s called the “Placebo Effect”. Treatment where substance of treatment has no therapeutic value but still does the job!

It’s much more than positive thinking. It’s about mastering your mind. Thinking positively and acting on things that you do daily or whenever, which might help you improve your life will eventually translate, compound and have an overall positive effect on your whole life.

For example, taking a walk in the park. If you decide that doing this will improve your happiness and life then every step and every minute each day will help, will affirm about how relaxed and light you feel while doing this activity about the countless benefits that come with taking a walk.

The opposite is the “Nacebo Effect” where if you think and believe that any harm can come to you, you will most likely experience it because of the negative expectations you have created in your mental system.

It’s just about taking your brain where your body will follow. It’s up to you, you can take it to a positive place or take it to a hell hole.

Either way, you’ve got this!

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