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Snapchat working on music license to let users embed songs

Parent company of snapchat Snap is working to built a better platform for its users. After snapchat games they are working on music service.

The company has been in negotiations with music companies including the big three giants Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group to license song catalogs for the Snapchat app.

This will help snap users to include music in their posts, similar to the way TikTok, and Instagram/facebook do.

The licensing rights would be limited to songs embedded in users’ posts on the social messaging and media app.

Snap has a pact with Apple owned Shazam, under which Snapchat users can ID a song by pressing and holding on the camera screen.

On the other hand, Snap has done deals with individual artists. Last year Ariana Grande used Snapchat to sell merch for her album “Sweetener” with a custom selfie Lens.

Snap is growing day by day and have been gaining more market and audience due to its new services/growing medium.

So this will be another achievement on the list of services snap provides.


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