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Sonam Kapoor receives hate from Indians for promoting peace with Pakistan!

Amidst the Pulwama tension, celebrities from the other side of the border have been using social media as a platform to spew venom and hate against Pakistan. However, one, who has risen above all Indian celebs, happen to be the Khoobsurat star, Sonam Kapoor.

Posting a response to the hateful sentiments on the rise, Sonam Kapoor shared,

“The average Indian has more in common with the average Pakistani than he does with a Hindu fundamentalist who wants to bomb in the name of Ram and lynch minorities and rally in support of child rapists,” the post read.

“The average Pakistani has more in common with an average Indian than he does with an Islamic fundamentalist who wants to bomb others in the name of Allah and oppress women and put guns in the hands of children,” it further added.

Sonam’s post stressed upon the fact that normal citizens across both borders wanted a normal life. “Ordinary citizens everywhere just want to have a normal life and go to work and raise their children well and save up for a decent home.”

Although the post was met by appreciation this side of the border, Sonam has received a lot of hate from Indians for her pro-Pakistani and pro-peace stand.






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