Why did Sonya Hussyn lash out at Mubashar Lucman ?

Mubasher Lucman, never shies away to speak his mind out and stirring up social media debates.  The anchor always faces backlash for his controversial statements about famous personalities in Pakistan.

Recently, Mubashir Lucman came under fire after his exclusive interview with Ali Zafar and his wife where they talked about harassment allegations against the singer. After the interview was released, the anchor faced major backlash on Twitter where people condemned his show and said that he had lost credibility.

People raised their voice and enunciated that the interview was biased. Can’t believe he demanded a #mentoo hashtag as if #metoo was exclusively for women. It was also stated that interview was disturbing.

Sonya Hussyn  also got extremely infuriated over Mubashar Lucman’s biased interview with Ali Zafar and his wife over the ongoing Meesha-Zafar harassment controversy where the journalist was trying to prove that Zafar is crystal clear in the case while also buying Zafar’s most senseless logics to prove himself clean. Earlier this year, the anchor landed in hot water when he evaluated mainstream actors and revealed the list of flop actors of 2018 and ranked Feroze Khan first.

Sonya took to her Instagram story to lash over the journalist calling him the ‘worst example of Journalism’

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