This wedding hall is offering 100% off on your 4th shaadi

We all know how expensive these desi weddings can become with all the unnecessary rituals and specially while selecting that perfect venue. But here’s something for all men out there opting for a second, third or even forth marriage.

So, if you’re a married man about to begin your journey towards a second marriage, this wedding hall in Bahawalpur has some offers you can’t ignore!

Yes you heard it right, a wedding hall in Bahawalpur is offering a 50% discount on second marriages, 75% on third and free reception for the fourth wedding ceremony! Even though it sounds like a promotion-gone-bad situation, it has certain conditions that make it very special.

This offer first came to light, when journalist Naila Inayat tweeted the following post:

And Twitter lost it, with some people saying incidents like these can only be witnessed in Pakistan, while others laughed and enjoyed the absurdity of the offer.

In an interview, the owner explained why he has opted for such a bizarre promotional activity. He said:

We want to make relationships, not break them. People are coming to me to ask about the conditions of the offer.

His condition is sweet and simple; the man’s first wife will need to book the hall for her husband’s second wedding.

What do you think about this wedding hall in Bahawalpur? Would you book it for your weddings?

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