Effects on human life after Covid-19

Life after Covid

Human life has been affected a lot after the covid-19 pandemic. We used to be more open and socializing before everything but now we can’t be. People used to love being in-crowd and love to spend time outside with friends. But now after Covid, if we compare our lives, we are not that human being at all.

Firstly, we lost so many lives due to covid. Covid took our loved ones away from us then it changed our way of living also. Now everyone is scared of being in a crowded place as it can be very risky. People do not socialize at all. They just love to be at home with family away from all the bad vibes outside.

Talking about education, the Education system is also affected badly. Children stayed at home for a very long time and wasted a lot of their time, after then when covid was recovering a very bad idea of online education came in and children got addicted to it because it was easy and no one would ask you for anything like teacher used to do in class. And when physical classes started children were protesting against it that we don’t want to do physical classes.

After that covid also affected the business sector. Those businesses that depended on daily earning were closed totally, people who were earning from traveling business got bankrupt, cinemas business also got zero because cinemas were closed and then monthly subscription apps offering movies and series got business and people also prefer them instead of going to the theater and watch a movie.

Besides that many other sectors have also been affected by this covid pandemic. This is was such a bad experience human has ever experienced. I hope in the future we don’t get this kind of pandemic again because this has affected us in a bad way to everything.

Good effects were also there as people gave time to their families and enjoyed their precious time with them. While they were busy with their work and stuff before covid but after that, they got time for family and got to know more about them, their problems and their interaction also became good. People got more power to fight such problems in the future because covid was so harmful that humanity needed to fight with it as one power and we did. So, now we are ready and we can do it in any situation.


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