In today’s world of the 21st century where one has their cellphones in their hand, no one wants to read everyone just wants to use their cellphone and waste their time. where they don’t the benefits of reading that how good can be reading for a person and how beneficial it can be. if you start reading a book you will see that your mindset for everything is changing, you are exploring new things every day. To start reading on daily basis you have to be totally motivated because it is not easy to convey this task. as it can be boring and fun at the same time.

first, you have to take out time every day for reading, even if you have time to read only one page every day just do it because when you will start doing it on daily basis your love for reading will increase day by day and then you will take out more time to do it. and remember always carry your book everywhere, do not take photos on your phone that you can read on your phone, NO.

and make targets for every day and increase the target as you become more good at reading. the more targets you will achieve the more love you will evolve.

and when you start reading do not read big and boring books. start with something that you like, that you admire, that you think is interesting. and then start reading it on a daily basis as you will read every day your love will increase and then you will want more books and those which were boring at the start will automatically become interesting.

and after that sign up for reading challenges, as this can be a good step towards increasing your reading ability.

and when you will start reading books on a daily basis you will notice more changes in yourself and after some time you will be able to find mistakes in those books. after some more time you will come up with your ideas and you will end up writing your own books.


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