Haphazard Law and Order.

Pakistan seems to be having a failing law and order. It is unjust and corrupt. Where the justice is served, the relevant authorities are put so much pressure & threatened by the wrong side that they too start to rethink their decision.It’s a chaotic state. One must understand that each and every department is interlinked and if you corrupt or make one unjust than it will create a domino effect and impact others!

Why should one be influenced by power and money or come under pressure? Why must one not strive to improve the society? Is it really our Islamic Republic of Pakistan? What’s so Islamic about it? Everything is upside down. Is this what our Caliphs & Prophet taught us? Countries like Australia and Scandinavia too exist, they government and bureaucrats care about their civilian which makes one wonder how centuries ago they were the one’s, after each other’s blood & today they care so deeply about each-other.

Even the Prime Minister stated that the country needs to reform the criminal justice system badly. ‘’Poor law and order situation in the country is also due to weak criminal system that doesn’t provide timely justice, and encourages criminals,” PM said.

When criminals pay their bills by committing crimes, it increases. It multiplies & spreads like a poison. And when the system doesn’t hold them accountable the crime will spread even more. We will see more robberies, murders and several new hashtags!

The state needs to understand that we have vast resources available which they can use to improve the situation of the country. We should act now as Pakistan’s too vulnerable and in hot water, if not now than never. The poor people face more issues and when the talented youth is deprived of opportunities we blame them for leaving the country. No, it’s their right. Provide them adequate funds, jobs and they’ll stay. The cream of Pakistan leaves it’s time now to hold them here and give them what the countries abroad offer.

Only if all of us come on the same page, then we can help this nation otherwise it’s like a Maglev train heading in the opposite direction, crushing every one in between.

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