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Netflix to remove actual footage of train crash from ‘Bird Box’ film!

Netflix has finally agreed to remove footage of a real-life train disaster from its recent hit film Bird Box. There has been a public outcry for two months for insisting the streaming website to remove the scene and to which Netflix has earlier insisted that it in would not be removed.

In the antagonistic scene, Bird Box used the news footage from coverage of an actual train crash that killed 47 people in the Canadian province of Québec in 2013.

A brief scene of the Sandra Bullock horror-thriller “Bird Box” used the stock footage that matches news footage from the 2013 Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, in which an unattended freight train carrying crude oil derailed in downtown Quebec. Multiple tank cars exploded and sparked a fire, most of the city’s downtown was destroyed, and 47 people were killed.

In a statement to a publication, Netflix said, “Netflix and the filmmakers of ‘Bird Box’ have decided to replace the clip. We’re sorry for any pain caused to the Lac-Megantic community”.

Why this decision to remove the footage in question was taken after being avoiding to do so, after months of public outcry and even formal condemnation by the Canadian parliament, the company did not provide any reason for its decision.

Quebec’s minister of culture and communications, Nathalie Roy has praised Netflix’s decision in a tweet.
“The move was expected by respect for the victims of this horrible tragedy, their families and the entire community of Lac-Mégantic. This result shows that by being united and pooling our efforts, everything is possible.”


It was in January when the Canadian Parliament voted unanimously to condemn Netflix and demanded to remove the images from the film.

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