NewZealanders honor Mosque Attack victims with ‘HeadScarfForHarmony’

FRIDAY: Women across New Zealand are wearing scarfs in order to show their solidarity for the horrific terrorist attack which happened in Christchurch’s two mosques on 15th March (Friday).

The hashtag #HeadScarfforHarmony has gone viral all over the internet.

This gesture in solidarity of the horrific and darkest incident which occurred in New Zealand’s history is being acknowledged by the global leaders and Muslim community all around the world.

Muslims are overwhelmed and have never seen this kind of solidarity in their entire life by a non-Muslim majority country.

The vigils, The Haka performances, The scarves. It’s just amazing and heartwarming for all the Muslims around the world and especially NewZealander Muslims to know that the agenda of the people behind the terrorist attack has been thrashed.

“This attack does not define us, They are our Family” – NewZealanders

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