Racism in Pakistan

A handful of Pakistani comedians’ bids to an international laughing festival were rejected a few years ago because virtually all of the jokes were racist or misogynistic. Until then, these top figures in Pakistani comedy had no notion what they were doing wrong. Unfortunately, no lessons were learned, and we still laugh at similar jokes in Pakistan today. Look through your WhatsApp groups to discover what jokes are being shared.

I’m curious when this will change. Given recent occurrences throughout the world, it appears that the younger generation will usher in change. Generation Z is unable to accept the Baby Boomers’ humour and vocabulary. People like me, Generation X, are trapped in the middle, balancing between the politically incorrect remarks of the Boomers and the righteous outrage of the Zoomers.

But, I’m afraid, this innate bigotry isn’t confined to jokes. Racism is so embedded in our brains in Pakistan that we often fail to recognise what is being done or said.The phrases gora chitta and surkh safaid are nearly usually used in a good context. In contrast, kala bhujang is frequently used to put someone down. These are the basic things that have ruined the minds of people in Pakistan, which is destroying the minds of young generation.

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