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There’s no remedy for being a ‘human being.’

They say there’s no remedy for being a human being. You’re bound to make mistakes, you’ll have bad days. You’ll feel Monday blues each day, you might struggle with your relationships, often you’d fail, not be able to express emotions, feel hallow, you would seek support from others, need a shoulder to cry on & you might struggle to find out who you truly are!

The unrealistic expectations we have set for ourselves has made us go mad. We have to take a step ahead and learn to be more realistic, set goals that are achievable and not make one feel under pressure & in depression. 

It’s better to talk about things which bother you, confide in someone you trust then keep it in you to only burst one day- which will be more deadly. 

You think you’re a small entity but within you is enfolded an entire universe. Make this your mantra and your motto this way you shall be able to stay happy and content.

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