Facebook Changed The Name

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that his new name will be meta at his company’s Connect event. “We are the company that creates the technology to connect,” said Zuckerberg. “Together, we can finally put people at the center of technology, and together we can develop a huge creator economy.
Facebook Inc. will be renamed to Meta. The decision reflects the company’s perceived growth opportunities beyond the social media platform of the same name. With the
brand change, Facebook wants to show that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is relocating tech companies around Metaverse, which he sees as an important growth area that can also attract young users. thinking about.
Metaverse is a virtual online area where people work, play and shop. Facebook describes it as “the next evolution of social ties.” This is a collective project created by people all over the world and open to everyone.
Facebook changed its name to Meta on Thursday, aggressively breaking away from the troubled social media business and a new digital world known as the “Metaverse.”

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