How to stay productive at home during Covid

Leisure time makes a person lazy

For some, this lockdown period has given us additional free time than we’ve at any point had. Time which we never figured we would have. This spare time gives us freedom to do things which we’ve always wanted to do or get a kick out of the chance to accomplish a greater amount of relying upon our individual conditions. I think it’s a good idea for us to be useful with this time and do things that are significant to us.

Establish a routine

Establishing a routine helps a lot in being fit physically and mentally. You need to remain consistent in everyday with the goal that your body and your brain know when the time has come to work and when the time has come to rest. Set a timetable that suits you well and remember when it’s work time, rest time, relaxation time, and time to work out.

Make a comfortable working place

The spot in your home or where you work should to be just to work, and you should not utilize different spots—like your bed or the sofa or the TV—to work. Keep separate spaces so the limits among work and home life are clearly defined.

Setup a workout routine

When you’re are working out, you will realize that the way in to a fruitful and predictable exercise routine will be normal. I don’t have to tell you regarding the advantages of working out and staying in shape.


Meditation is perhaps everything thing you can manage right to lower the pressure and work on your prosperity. Atmosphere and headspace play an important role when it comes to meditation, a positive environment is key for reflection and self-care during meditation.

Get artistic

Arts and crafts is an incredible method to put yourself out there, become familiar with another expertise, and help you see common things in a totally different manner and channel your imagination. You can play around with paint, doodle in a sketchpad or try grown-up shading books.

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