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Shaan Shahid has finally dropped a teaser for his film Zarrar

The film has been written and directed by the actor and also features him in the lead.We’ve been waiting on updates about Zarrar for so long, we almost gave up. But Shaan never disappoints.

The actor finally shared a teaser of the upcoming movie – which he has written and directed as well – with a promise that it’ll be out soon.

The 30-second teaser does not give away much about the plot but lets us know what to expect. We see the words “The colour of sacrifice is red” quickly switch to “The colour of sacrifice is green” followed by “We are in a state of war”.

Nadeem Baig takes the spotlight, and we’re excited to see more of his character while Shaan is shown throwing some punches around; the film also stars Kiran Malik and Nayyar Ejaz.

While a specific date isn’t out yet, the teaser let us know that film will indeed release in 2020.

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