Styling up for fall with Savyour & elo

After wearing T-shirts and shorts for a very long year, it’s nearly time to let out your inner fashion diva and flaunt some cozy clothing. If you are among the fashion fanatics who were waiting impatiently for the temperature to drop so you can pile on layers, then rejoice, autumn is here!

Whether you’re a fan of leather jackets, turtlenecks, comfy sweaters or fuzzy socks, elo has a collection for you to dive into. No matter how unique your style, elo has you covered this fall with its online wardrobe.

And that’s not all. elo has recently joined hands with Savyour which means now you get paid to shop, along with getting brand and bank discounts from the cashback app. With elo’s chic fashion staples and Savyour’s unbelievable cashbacks, shopping for autumn has never been more exciting. To take part in this revolutionary new way of shopping, all you need to do is:

  • Go to Pakistan’s first and only cashback app, Savyour
  • Select your favorite brand from hundreds of local fashion brands
  • Shop your heart out with brand and bank discounts
  • Get a portion of your spendings back into your Savyour wallet as cashback

The best part is, you can transfer this cashback to your bank account with a few taps in your Savyour wallet. Just choose your bank account, add in your details and get REAL cash ready to be withdrawn from your bank account

So without further ado, let’s guide you on your ELO shopping journey. We know that fall is the most stylish time to serve some looks, but deciding what to buy can be overwhelming. Go through this guide for crucial tips and tricks to look incredible all season. 

Layer It Up

With autumn comes layering. If you get the hang of it, layering can add an instant oomph factor to your outfit of choosing, but if you get it wrong, the resulting lead to overstuffed panda territories. Layer it up with maximum three pieces and you’ll rock your look whatever theme you choose. It’s also important to realize that you can’t rely on coats. Mix it up with bomber jackets, t-shirts and turtlenecks. Catch some eyes and drop some jaws with a perfectly layered outfit, choose from these pieces below from Elo to keep it chic.

  • Work shirts and dress shirts
  • Waistcoats
  • Sweaters 
  • Cardigans
  • Long-sleeve tees
  • Polos
  • Henleys
  • Scarves

Replace Cotton with Wool 

Layering the upper body is easy, thanks to Elo’s fabulous options, but things aren’t as straightforward when it comes to styling autumn outfit for the lower body. 

The tried and trusted way to keep your legs warm is to get wool and other thick trouser options instead of cotton. Lightweight wool will help you withstand the cold while maintaining a chic and trendy look.

All fashion lovers know that black apparel rules autumn fashion. As a bonus, wool slacks are available in black and other dark muted colors on Elo, so choose your vibe. 

Accessorize to Perfection

The last tip to get you set to impress is to accessorize. With the right amount of accessories, you can look irresistibly charming. And since autumn is so breezy, layer it up with cute hats and scarves. Check out Elo’s collection today and sort through autumn look-books to mix and match. If you wanna go for a cuter bohemian vibe for fall, invest in some cute necklaces, rings, earrings and watches. Let us be your fashion partner for this autumn and watch your wardrobe transform. 

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