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Is vaping making our young generation sick ?

Vaping is the new favorite thing of our generation, after water-pipe (sheesha) vaping trend is taking over this nation.

The more vaping is growing, more severe cases of lung illness are being counted. It is said to be more dangerous than smoking.

According to research, vaping creates toxins that temporarily reduce blood flow and damage blood vessels. While it does not seems to be infectious as not caused by a virus or by bacteria.

But some reports suggests that e-cigarettes is also causing sickness. All kind of vaping products containing Nicotine and Cannabis are under suspicion.

On the other-hand not a single illness case is because of Vaping, those who already suffer some kind of disease may seem to get triggered or ill more.

But for a fact Vaping is causing damage beyond lungs, whereas effects of e-cigarettes on the body’s blood vessels and blood circulation are still being researched.

This temporary change caused by e-cigarettes and vaping can be cured, if symptoms are known. In some cases over the course of days or weeks conditions like coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath were noted, after which it lead to bigger problems.

But doctors look for post and past conditions of people who are indulging in this activity, as now it is only linked to respiratory illness somehow it can be a bigger problem.

Further research is still being conducted, to find if vaping is the main reason behind these growing lung and whole respiratory system illnesses. As many cases of lung collapse is being reported who are using vape daily.

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